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(From L to R, top to bottom) Chinese supermodel Ming Xi, a peaceful protest in Dalian, a Geisha of nylon and styrofoam, modern architecture in Korea, a basketball brawl, and KARA's new Japanese commercial

@Evan Osnos witnessed history in the making, as Vice-President Joe Biden made the rounds in Beijing, all the while doling out some quirky, off-hand comments to his Chinese counterparts.

@Peter Foster of the Daily Telegraph reports on a middle-class protest in northeast China that ended peacefully, where everybody went home safely after getting what they wanted.

@FP Passport summarizes the ugly but mesmerizing brawl between two basketball teams. Hopefully this isn’t an augury of U.S.-China relations.

@Speaking of ugly, self-entitled reviewers on Yelp can now have their fifteen minutes of fame, thanks to a new satirical Tumblr.

@Change of topic: the Beijinger has an inspiring story of two expats who founded a shelter for visually impaired orphans in 2002.

@More inspiration: 15-year-old Madison Gunst won the first annual K-Pop contest in New York, and her K-pop idol Jang Woo-hyuk wants to meet her!

@On the subject of K-pop, girl group KARA is now starring in a Japanese television commercial for a diet, vinegar drink, but something tells me that’s not the only reason they stay so enviably thin.

@More diaphanous women: Chinese supermodel Ming Xi smiles shyly for Bonae’s Blog in Central Park.

@dezeen magazine showcases a nature-centric, modern residence in Gyeonggido, Korea, away from the madding crowds of Seoul. Very nice.

@Trendland profiles a Brazilian sculptor with a sense of fun when its comes to nylon rope and Styrofoam.


@I just started a new Tumblr, #KoreanPeopleProblems, and frankly speaking, it’s been very cathartic. Very.


Global Asianista’s Week in Review

by Liz on October 30, 2010

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(Left to right, top to bottom): Lin Chi Ling, Liu Wen, Sebastian Kim for German Vogue, Karen Chau at Sloan Fine Art, Z.L. Feng, and Pyongyang IV by Andreas Gursky

@ Altamira celebrated prominent Asian supermodels, including Hyoni Kang, Tao Okamoto, and Lin Chi Ling.
@ Trendland highlighted Vietnam-born, Tehran-raised photographer Sebastian Kim’s color-blocking mods in German Vogue’s October 2010 issue.
@ Digrasian reminded us American conservatives are probably very, very afraid of China.
@ Sloan Fine Art in New York is presenting the first exhibition of Karen Chau’s personal artwork, now open to the public from 10/27 to 12/11. Chau is the creator of the Emmy-nominated show, “Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.”
@ Evan Osnos tries to summarize the all-you-can-eat buffet that is Chinese espionage in the United States. Something tells me he may eventually serialize this topic.
@ Foreign Policy’s Passport observes young Japanese men “now fantasize about balanced lives and time for their families and quaint hobbies.” Their father figures are none too happy.
@ CNN Go takes a stab at Dr. Rhee Seung-chul’s attempts to create the world’s most beautiful face.
@ Eugene at My Modern Metropolis blogs about China-born Z.L. Feng’s breathtakingly gorgeous watercolor paintings.
@ Seoul Eats digs the steamed shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea.
@ Stylites tells us Beijing babe Liu Wen is a fall siren for AnOther Mag.
@ Serious Eats NY pays a visit to a late night sushi haunt, Sushi Seki.
@ …and ArtInfo reports Kim Jong Il is officially sexier than Jerry Hall!