Global Asianista’s Week in Review 8.20.11

August 20, 2011

@Evan Osnos witnessed history in the making, as Vice-President Joe Biden made the rounds in Beijing, all the while doling out some quirky, off-hand comments to his Chinese counterparts. @Peter Foster of the Daily Telegraph reports on a middle-class protest in northeast China that ended peacefully, where everybody went home safely after getting what they […]

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2011: The Year of the Chinese Woman

July 26, 2011

2011 has not proven to be an easy year, not for Japan, Norway, or even China, despite that country’s rising reputation as a juggernaut of growth. Politicians falter. Media empires crumble. So who’s going to run the world now? I’ve been keeping up with the news, and am now led to believe the heir apparent […]

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