Manifesto is a magazine of contemporary Asian politics, art, and culture in blog format. Founded in 2010, the publication’s goal is to invite an audience willing to explore Asia, Asians, and transnational Asian culture, through the prism of art, books, travel, film and food.

East Asia, generally defined as but not limited to China, Korea, and Japan, is experiencing interesting changes. Manifesto’s goal is to keep its readers current on all of Asia by visually charting the progress of current events, offering original opinion, and curating relevant as well as under-the-radar content.

About the Founder

Elizabeth Shim was born in Seoul, Korea, but grew up here, there, basically everywhere. She initially began her career in finance, but wisely elected journalism as her current profession. Formerly as deputy editor of Seoul magazine, an English-language monthly, Shim often sought and interviewed leading Korean contemporary artists.

In 2010 Shim launched GlobalAsianCulture.com, culminating in regular updates on the latest Asia-related events in New York. She also engages her followers on Twitter, and is the co-author of Seoul Sweet Seoul, a bestselling guide to South Korea. Her personal interest in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contemporary art is frequently the focus of her blog and articles.

In addition to running GlobalAsianCulture.com, Shim regularly contributes to cultural reporting for Asian and Asian American news outlets, and is currently a freelance journalist for hire.

Please contact her if you are interested in submitting an article or in blog coverage for your art/cultural projects and activities.