What’s more radical than self-love?

by Liz on January 31, 2015

in Fashion

Natasha Harden

It’s an exciting time to be Asian American.

There’s a new ABC family sitcom based on the memoir of Chef Eddie Huang. I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds kick-ass – only if the New York Times is gushing about it.

Now I hear there’s a wonderful group of people in the Bay Area holding a body-positive fashion show, organized by the legendary Kearny Street Workshop. It’s happening tonight.

They don’t want to apologize for the bodies — or their heritage. Neither make them less American – and if you disagree, it’s likely your perspective that’s the problem.

Natasha Harden (above), self-identifies as ‘fat.’ By embracing a word with heavily negative connotations, she seems to be leading the charge, challenging our false values about what’s beautiful, and how those definitions, as hollow as they are, still manage to do significant damage to our self-esteem.

I also love that she owns a boutique in Oakland named Halmoni Vintage.

“Halmoni sounds like harmony and means grandmother in Korean to highlight owner, Natasha’s Korean heritage,” her website states.

Kiniokahokuloa Zamora
Project Runway finalist, Kiniokahokuloa Zamora will also be present. Some of his original designs will be part of the runway portion of the Celebrate Your Body 2015 fashion show.

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